Buck A Roo Class (Age Kindergarden & Under)

Sunday Mornings & Wednesday evenings

Buck A Roo Class is church for children, and that means Lots of Love,Learning about Jesus and fun!

Children are to brought into class  just  after  the worship service during Shake & Howdy, and they will be ready to be picked up immediately after the service has ended.  Please remember to pick up your child  immediately following  service  then feel free to go back in and  visit.

During your child’s time in Class they will be shown God’s love in a caring, creative environment. While you are in the service, your children will start the  class with Prayer and  then hear Bible stories, sing songs, make crafts, play games, and form important friendships all while learning  about  Jesus!

Safety is also highly important to us, and that’s why we require  background checks on all workers.